These quick reference guides are meant to help you identify healing opportunities and organize your strategy for improving your health and wellness.

First – be sure to check out our Video Archives where the below topics are discussed in detail. From genetics, MTHFR, Digestive Challenges, Autism, Women’s Hormones and more.

ADHD, ADD, and Autism Resources

Candida Resources

Essential Oil Resources

Women's Health Resources

  An open-access database – no need to have a membership to read the submitted research findings.  It welcomes negative findings which are often rejected in popular publications – basically, it doesn’t have a bias as to whether to include the research.  There are criteria that do need to be met but without the ties to companies that would pose a conflict of interest.  I just came across this site and still have much to explore there but wanted to list it since much of the research that has been done is never published in the mainstream publications.

 This source used to be my first stop when looking up research papers.  There are various search options as well as ways to refine once you find a result that pertains to your particular situation.  Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding navigating the site – or I am ALWAYS interested in conversing about what you find!

  This source has the honors of being one of the initial sources to start my journey into natural healing and looking outside the box.  This too has a wealth of information.  Some practical options for supporting better health and especially concerning some health challenges that are usually considered impossible to improve.

  A library of random studies in humans.  There are seven databases in the library.  Semi-open access. Their goal is to be completely open-access by 2020.  This is a new resource for me so I don’t have a lot of info on it other than their mission is to provide access to randomized studies without bias as to the outcome of those studies.

 This source is where I will delve into connecting the dots.  I will warn you it’s got a plethora of diagrams, well it’s pretty much mostly diagrams.  This is my dessert and one of my absolute favorite sites!  I am always willing to help others navigate through or help guide on putting pieces together with the information here.  Again, just give me a hollar if you need any help or if you are wanting someone to bounce thoughts on I am always open to listen to others discoveries!

Dr. Lustig: Sugar the Bitter Truth

A video I watched over and over when my child was admitted and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Information every parent should know!

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