Ways We Can Serve You

All of our services are centered around a holistic, natural, functional approach to health and wellness.

autoimmune thyroid
We help those with autoimmunity gain a deeper understanding of what is going on under the surface.  While it is traditionally thought that autoimmunity is incurable, there are many who have put autoimmune issues into remission. Our holistic approach will help you identify the hidden pieces to your autoimmunity and provide resources and action steps that meet your goals.
Our holistic and functional approach is designed to uncover why the body is fatigued and why hormones are out of balance.  This is for those who are seeking natural methods of healing with a long-term goal of very minimal, if any, supplements.
digestive small
Our digestive health programs are for those who are tired of chasing symptoms and the latest “protocols”.  We help you identify underlying pathogens and triggers so you can create a customized plan to restore balance.
genes hand
We have the most comprehensive genomic analysis available that will help you put your symptoms, labs, and health history into context surrounding your genes.  Use our Functional Genomic Analysis test or your raw data from 23&me* or Ancestry**. Get started with a few simple steps!
Our weight-loss program is a very different approach than others.  It is designed for those who are frustrated with the fad diets and can’t seem to lose weight despite eating low calorie.  In fact, many complain that the less they eat the worse their weight! This program includes an educational series, one-on-one coaching, and a weekly group meeting.
womens health
Our women’s health program is for those who have been looking for natural ways to balance their hormones. We help you take a comprehensive look at what influences your hormones and what could be causing the imbalance so you can get on the path to peace and harmony.