Super easy grain-free banana pancakes

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There is nothing like a warm breakfast that is filled with scrumptious flavors!!!

super easy banana pancakes post

[recipe title=”Super Easy Flourless Banana Pancakes” servings=”1-2″ time=”15-20 min” difficulty=”easy” image=”” description=”Super yummy grain-free, flourless banana pancakes”]
Credit: The Functional Perspective
– 1 Egg
– 2 Bananas
– pinch of Salt (optional)
– Butter or Oil to grease pan
1. Peel and mash Bananas
2. add Egg & stir well
3. Grease hot griddle or skillet and Pour small amount onto hot griddle (medium heat, not too hot) or into a hot skillet
4. Cook approximately 3-4 minutes on each side (varies depending on skillet temperature)
5. Serve warm!
6. TIPS: You don’t want the heat too high or they get done on the outside too fast.  They seem to cook better on medium to medium-low heat.  I sprinkle just a touch of salt on pancakes after finished cooking.  Also- they can be difficult to flip, highly recommend a very thin metal spatula for flipping.  And when you grease your skillet or griddle use a cold oil, such as butter straight out of the refrigerator or cold coconut oil from refrigerator.


  1. Trying them as I type… The flipping part is treacherous! My “pancakes” broke. Problem is, I only had one banana and used one egg (the smallest I could find) anyway. Tasty though, and no need for sugar!

    • AWW.. sorry to hear 🙁 I do use a very thin metal spatula to flip the pancakes – I should probably put that in the tips section… as I have a hard time too if I use one of my thinker spatulas to flip them. Also there seems to be a smaller window of ideal temperature than regular pancakes…
      If my skillet or griddle was too hot or not hot enough I had problems too… overall it seemed like I needed my skillet or griddle a tad less heat than typical… I hope you have better luck next time!!! Maybe play around with different temperature settings?
      I made some pumpkin pancakes yesterday – same basic recipe – some left over pumpkin we had and added a couple eggs ( have no idea how much pumpkin per egg) and I noticed they were much fluffier if I left a lid on my skillet… they were a bit harder to flip than the bananas… about half the batch was great the other half hit of miss! anyway…
      Yes these banana ones are quite tasty!!! We loved them!

    • Oh one more thing.. One thing that also helps is when I grease my pan or griddle I use cold butter or cold coconut oil.. It seems to really help things to keep from sticking, much better than if I just use room temp butter or oil… Cold ‘oil/butter’ on the pre-heated pan

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